3 Reasons Why Brand Consistency Is So Important
Jun 21

3 Reasons Why Brand Consistency Is So Important

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Marketing Tips

Identity. If it’s a fundamental starting point for the average consumer than it’s positively critical for a brand. It doesn’t just dictate the presentation of a brand. It defines its very survival. Exclusivity and brand consistency aren’t merely confined to brand logos and copyright trademarks. It summarizes everything a brand embodies. Where would McDonald’s be […]

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Sep 05

Michael Tasner accepted into Forbes Agency Council

By nojokedev | Blog

Michael Tasner, speaker, entrepreneur and the owner of the No Joke Marketing, has been accepted into the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. Michael Tasner joins other Forbes Agency Council members, who are hand-selected, to become part of a curated network of successful […]

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Attentive woman watching media in a laptop
Jul 31

Psychological Tricks to Persuade People to Buy More

By nojokedev | Marketing Tips , Sales Strategy

For any company who’s into the retail business, marketing strategies and tactics are crucial in order to boost sales. However, a growing number of research claims that aside from these techniques that companies and businesses practice, people can be influenced into buying by influencing them psychologically. The decision-making capacity of today’s consumers is engineered. It […]

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Branding concept
Jul 27

How Brands Build Loyalty with Young Consumers

By nojokedev | Branding Tips

For a business, establishing a brand, brand among its consumers is something that doesn’t come easy. It is especially more difficult today because the younger generations are a different bunch of consumers. Compared to the previous generations, they have been exposed to a different kind of environment which influenced their preferences, lifestyle choices, and decision […]

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