Michael Tasner speaking

Everyone has one or two things they are REALLY passionate about, and one of mine is speaking (the other is fireworks). I’ve spoken to rooms as small as 5 and as large as 500.  I love to speak and it shows.

I have two core goals when it comes to speaking:

  1. To provide transformational content to the audience.  I want them leaving the presentation with actionable content and feel that my presentation was worth 5X the price for the event or the conference. That doesn’t mean the other speakers won’t be great, it simply means I want them saying wow after mine.
  2. To make your job easy. It takes a lot of effort to book a great speaker. I do not want to be an added stress in your life, instead, I want to take some off your plate. I show up on-time, I cover for other speakers that miss their flights, I stay late to mingle with attendees, I do book signings – whatever is needed to ensure a great event will be done.

Easy red button

Here is everything you need to learn more about me. See the topics and other items I present on to make your life easier and the process of bringing me to your next event effortless.

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