Marketing Struggles? Get Schooled by Michael Tasner’s Digital Playbook

These aren’t your grandma’s dusty textbooks – expect actionable insights, battle-tested strategies, and a healthy dose of humor to keep you on the edge of your marketing throne.

Level up your marketing strategy with these actionable guides

Explore Michael Tasner’s collection of books, covering everything from generating leads, and web 3.0 marketing, to strategies to maximize your marketing fast.

No Joke Guide to Recession Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Bar Guide to Making Sure Your Business Thrives During Tough Times

Economic turmoil doesn’t have to spell doom for your business. “The No Joke Guide To Recession Marketing” by Michael Tasner equips you with the tools and strategies to not only survive, but thrive during tough times. This ultimate guide caters to entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes, providing a clear roadmap to navigate economic challenges. You’ll discover ways to:

Weather the Storm: Learn how to adapt your marketing strategy for a recessionary environment and keep your business moving forward.

Craft Your Fortune Map: Develop a personalized plan, Michael Tasner's "fortune maps," to guide your success in challenging economic conditions.

Access Hidden Opportunities: Discover strategies to identify and capitalize on opportunities that emerge during a recession.

Master Recession-Proof Marketing: Michael equips you with essential marketing tactics specifically designed to resonate with consumers during a downturn.

The No Joke Guide to Generating 100 Leads in 100 Days: The Only Solution to Maximize Your Marketing Fast

This book offers a fast-track solution to further your marketing efforts. You’ll learn how to:

Understand Your Marketing Weaknesses: Identify the areas hindering your marketing performance.

Create a Winning Marketing Plan: Develop a streamlined and effective marketing strategy.

Track and Optimize: Learn to measure results and make adjustments for continuous improvement.

Exploit Growth Opportunities: Discover untapped potential to accelerate results.

Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First

Michael Tasner, a top web marketing consultant, unveils the secrets to success in his book “Web 3.0 Marketing.” This practical guide moves beyond theory to provide proven tactics for mastering the next generation of online marketing. Here are the key takeaways you’ll gain:

Master the Latest Marketing Techniques: Learn about the most effective new marketing technologies and how to use them to your advantage.

Boost Efficiency and Save Money: Discover virtual collaboration tools that can help you accomplish marketing projects faster and at a lower cost.

Develop a Winning Action Plan: Create realistic and practical marketing plans for the next 3, 6, and 12 months.

Increase Sales and Profits: Regardless of your industry or company size, this book offers proven strategies to grow leads, traffic, sales, and market share.

Marketing in the Moment: The Digital Marketing Guide to Generating More Sales and Reaching Your Customers First

Feeling lost in the ever-changing world of digital marketing? Michael Tasner’s “Marketing in the Moment” offers solutions. This updated guide provides:

Actionable Strategies: Cut through the hype and focus on proven tactics that deliver real results.

Cutting-Edge Technologies: Leverage the power of Web 3.0 and emerging tools to reach your target audience.

Streamlined Workflows: Discover efficient and cost-effective ways to execute your marketing plans.

Focused Action Plans: Develop realistic strategies to achieve your marketing goals for the next year.

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