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Strategy and Systems That Help Businesses Reach More Potential Customers

Our goal is to help you create more awareness of what your business does, nurture potential customers, increase conversions, and build your business using the latest digital marketing strategy and systems.

Smart businesses know they have to spend money on marketing. But, not all businesses know how to do digital marketing more effectively. Here’s the thing… you get what you pay for.

No Joke Marketing is on a mission. Our approach delivers effective digital strategies for businesses of all sizes. We are in the business of execution. We partner with our clients to educate, design, implement the best marking systems.

In a world full of gurus, there is a need for an agency that not only talks about the right way to use digital marketing, but to also jump in the trenches with our clients. We are committed to results.

Meet Our Team

Michael Tasner

President & CEO

Lisa Bossman

Chief Operating Officer

Argelyn Baldivia


Zach Patterson

Skillet & Kind Chief Operating Officer

Michael Brooks

Senior Account Manager

Alex Vega

Senior Digital Account Manager

Nick Ortiz

PPC Team Lead


Our story is no different than yours. It is the story of an entrepreneur who believed that there is a better way to do business.

Let’s go back to 1999 when the CEO and Founder of No Joke Marketing, Michael Tasner, was only 15 years old. This was the time when almost no one in his neighborhood could do web designs and a dinosaur PC would cost thousands of dollars.

He knew back then that he could help people build websites if only he had a computer. Michael was determined to start his own company, so he went to the public library every day and used one of their computers.

Since no one knew how to build websites at that time, Michael had a great advantage. So, he started his own web design business with his parents’ tax lady as his first client.

He understood the concept of supply and demand pretty quickly and jumped at every marketing opportunity where he could make money.

Michael paid his way through college with his earnings from MST Designs (yes, MST stands for Michael Scott Tasner). He studied marketing and entrepreneurship at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, but after his first course on branding, he changed MST Designs to Taz Solutions.

Taz Solutions grew while Michael’s marketing acumen skyrocketed!

He worked with the most amazing talents in the marketing industry and learned so much in the process. He codified all the things he learned by writing the best-selling book, “Marketing In The Moment” where he coined the phrase Web 3.0 Marketing and pointed the trends that were only going to become trends years after the book was published.

The book’s popularity made Michael even more known in marketing circles. He met Jay Levinson, the legendary author of “Guerilla Marketing.” The two powerhouses worked together with Michael becoming a Guerilla Marketing Master Trainer, the CMO of Guerilla Marketing International, and the founder of Guerilla Marketing Training & Coaching.

Now, after all those 18 years, and after selling the $1 million-a year Taz Solutions, Michael decided to create a company that would have five core values as the foundation.

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