Michael Tasner's Journey to Digital Marketing Authority

Michael Tasner’s story is one of seizing opportunity and building expertise from the ground up. Starting in the early days of the internet, he honed his skills and built a successful web design business. Fueled by a passion for marketing, Michael wrote a best-selling book and became a leader in Guerilla Marketing. Today, he’s the CEO of No Joke Marketing.

Who Michael is and What His Business Stands for

Driven by Impact

At our core, we believe in leaving a positive impact on the world, for ourselves and generations to come. Here are the guiding principles that fuel our passion:

Generational Impact:

Everything we do is with the future in mind. We strive to create a lasting legacy through innovation and kindness.

Lifelong Learners:

We're constantly seeking knowledge and growth. We embrace challenges as opportunities to develop ourselves and make meaningful contributions.

We Act Like Owners:

We take responsibility for our work and hold ourselves accountable for the best results possible. Proactive problem-solving is our middle name.

Futurists at Heart:

We're visionaries who see a brighter tomorrow. We embrace change and constantly seek ways to make a positive impact through innovation.

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He started just like you.

This is the story of an entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market and knew there was a better way.

Flashback: 1999 – Imagine a time before everyone had a computer in their pocket. That was 15-year-old Michael Tasner’s reality, the CEO of No Joke Marketing. Back then, building websites was a niche skill, and a decent computer cost a fortune.

Building from the Ground Up – Michael saw an opportunity. He knew he could help people build websites, but he needed a computer. Undeterred, he used the public library daily to hone his skills.

A Head Start in a New Market – With few competitors around, Michael seized his advantage. He launched his web design business, securing his first client with his parent’s tax lady.

Learning the Business – Michael grasped the concept of supply and demand quickly, taking every chance to make money and learn marketing.

College and Beyond – He funded his college education at Bradley University (Marketing and Entrepreneurship) with his web design business (MST Designs). A branding course inspired him to rebrand to Taz Solutions.

Taz Solutions Takes Off – As Michael’s skills grew, so did Taz Solutions. He collaborated with industry leaders, soaking up knowledge. This knowledge culminated in his best-selling book, “Marketing In The Moment.” Here, he coined the term “Web 3.0 Marketing” and predicted future trends.

Building a Reputation – The book’s success propelled Michael into the marketing spotlight. He even met the legendary Jay Levinson, author of “Guerilla Marketing.” This powerhouse duo led to Michael becoming a Guerilla Marketing Master Trainer, CMO of Guerilla Marketing International, and founder of Guerilla Marketing Training & Coaching.

Fast Forward 18 Years – After selling his million-dollar business (Taz Solutions), Michael started a new chapter. He envisioned a company built on the core values we shared above. Today that vision is a reality and keeps on evolving day by day.

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