Audience and Marketing Segmentation Strategies to Help Boost your Business

Today’s topic is all about marketing segmentation. 

I’ve had a lot of questions around how do you communicate to certain people, how do you put them in different buckets, what do you say and all that good stuff. 

So, I thought this would be a good interview topic because there’s a lot of powerful marketing and branding that can happen when you have your audience properly segmented. I’m going to give you a few things that I’ve been doing and kind of tell you how I’ve been seeing these working and the impact it can create. 

What I found out was you can actually take your Facebook page or Facebook profile and sort of start to break that group into different lists. I guess I kind of knew about this but I just haven’t done it before.

So for example, what I did with my personal Facebook page is I put things like family, neighbors, friends, and employees — I started to put them in different buckets. But then what I did was I started to put buckets of if they were a prospect, for example, or if they were a client because what I’ve been finding is that, and this really depends on your strategy. What I noticed is that there’s a lot of people that are putting out a one-size-fits-all type of content — just putting out content for the sake of putting content out there. And I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing if your neighbor or your friends see it. However, what if you were to have those different audiences segmented, where your personal content, for example, was only being shown to your friends or family or whom you want to see that particular content? And then the same thing would go with your clients? Do your family and friends need to see it? Do they need to be seeing the type of content that you’re putting out for your clients?

Because what was happening is, a lot of business owners were nervous about putting certain content on their page because every single person would see the same thing. But you literally can spend a good hour or two, and just segment out your friends so that that content is much more tailored to them. That would be step one. And I would love and see you do that with social media. 

The second thing that I’d love to see you do is to segment with your email list and this is a little bit trickier. I will tell you firsthand, however, that if you even do a portion of what I’m suggesting, you will start to see your revenue increase. 

Now, with your email list, what I’m looking for you to do is to take the entire list and put it into something like Excel or Google Sheets. Then I just want you to start tagging the different people based on different attributes. So for example, you can tag them on behavior. 

  • • What have they done with you? 
  • • Have they attended an event? 
  • • Did they buy something so they would be a customer?

What you want to do is you want to make sure that you have as many tags that are applicable. And I always want you to air on the side of “more is not enough”. It’s always more, more, and even more. 

If they’re a customer or if they’re a multi-customer, I want you to be able to tag as many of those different things as you possibly can. So once you start to look out, what you can do then is run a query. And maybe you want to run a query of people that have purchased in the last six months and they’ve also attended one of your VIP events so that you then can cater that content and the email specifically to those people. With that, you just are able to produce results that are unlike anything that you’ve done before. Your open rates will go up because your subject line can be catered just to those people.

I will tell you that most of you here, you just do a one-size-fits-all, or if you do more than one, you traditionally will only have one other basket. So you might have prospects and customers, for example. 

But think about how many times you’ve gotten an email from a vendor from somewhere that you’ve purchased something and you’re like, “why am I even getting this?” like it doesn’t make any sense. So you want to start to break down that list. I always love to start with social media because it usually gives you a quick wind. It also allows you to start to leverage your personal social media profiles to start to generate a lot more business. 

A lot of people are, they’re doing one of two things, either their personal views are potentially getting in the way of some of the business stuff. Now that one could obviously be debated and argued until the cows come home. I personally don’t post anything political on social media. But I will tell you that your customers come in all different shapes and sizes, maybe you want to just post political stuff for your family, for example. This allows you that particular outlet to be able to cater to the content accordingly. And on the email list side, you’re now able to then just have extreme personalization so that you’re able to really deliver the right message at the right time. You can pick and choose certain products or services, for example, that might best fit that particular audience. 

Now, once you get those two nailed down, you can just continue to take things further and further. You could look at leveraging different tools like HubSpot, for example, on your website, and the website could kind of respond based on if someone’s already on your email list. Literally, the website could change up based on who’s actually looking at your site at that moment in time. There’s a lot of kind of smart content and things like that, that you can do that just really become insanely powerful. 

Now, your action for today is to start to segment out your audiences. And again, you can do this if you’ve got mailing lists. The key thing here though is that it’s not just one piece of segmentation. Your audience may have 20 different tags, for example, literally 20 different tags. But I want you to be able to cater to the content, cater the offer, and cater the message so that again, your open and response rates go up, and ultimately, marketing segmentation will drive you more revenue. 

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you as always, for tuning in.

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