Emotions are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Being able to evoke some sort of emotion in your audience when they experience your marketing is a great thing. That emotion depends on your product or brand, and although you may think that a positive emotion is best, that is not always the case. Emotions are extremely powerful when it comes to branding, brand recognition, establishing a relationship with your audience, and brand loyalty, among others. Think of your own emotions and how they affect your decisions everyday. That’s why it’s critical to establish which emotional triggers you want to tie into your marketing message. Here are some examples of emotional triggers:
  1. A sense of belonging. It is human nature to want to feel accepted in a group or society. A lot of companies use this tactic through making customers feel like they are part of a special group or clique; example Abercrombie & Fitch. Others simple make their motto something like “you’re part of the family”.
  2. Fear. Although this is clearly a negative emotion, it is a powerful one that people act on. If a company can instill fear in the audience, those people may feel the need to purchase. An example of companies that use this tactic are insurance companies; they make you fear the reperocussions of not having insurance.
  3. Laugher/Joy. This is my personal favorite. It is a positive emotion and people tend to remember things that are funny because they want to be happy! Almost any company can use this emotion, besides perhaps a funeral home.
These are just a few examples of emotions that can help your marketing stick with your audience.

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