Apr 16

Do you know Web 3.0?

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy , Keys to Success , Marketing Insights , Online Marketing , Online Strategy , Uncategorized

There has never been a better time in history than now to be marketing on the Internet. How would you like to be ahead of 98% of other marketers, gain an unfair advantage over your competitors, and start grabbing market share before anyone realizes they should have been doing the same for the past year? Hopefully, […]

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Organizational Culture
Apr 15

Organizational Culture

By Michael Tasner | Business Leader , Business Strategy , Keys to Success , Uncategorized

Continuing on my trend of talking about business fundamentals, I’m going to talk about organizational culture. Every company has one. Organizational culture is the values shared by all associates of the organization. It is the set of implicit assumptions that the group has and these assumptions determine how the group perceives, thinks about, and reacts […]

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Goal Setting
Apr 12

How Goal Setting can be Motivational

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy , Keys to Success , Uncategorized

For many, effectively motivating staff and coworkers can be difficult. Almost every manager struggles with motivation at some point in their career, if not throughout. Motivation is highly individual; each employee reacts and is motivated by different things. Therefore, it is difficult to give general advice about motivation. However, proper goal setting is one way […]

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