Unique Places to Market Your Business

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy

Mar 25
Marketing your Business

When you think about places to market your business, the classics always come to mind. TV, Radio, Internet, etc, etc. These are all fine and dandy, but usually require a big budget to be effective. It may be time for something new, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Jay Conrad Levinson, the marketing guru behind Guerrilla Marketing. He invented this unconventional system of marketing that focuses on time, energy, and imagination instead of massive funding. I recommend learning more about this new and interesting way to market. In the meantime, here are some tips on unique places to market your business.
Local Festivals. While they are great fun to attend, they are also a great place to market! The people who are milling around are in the mood to browse or buy things, so take advantage of this environment. Contact your local festival organizers and ask how you can set up a booth for the next event. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much traffic your booth could attract.
YouTube.com. I just dedicated an entire post to this, but I think online videos are a great way to gain attention to your brand! If you can create a unique, funny or controversial video and post it online, you could have a hit. Creating buzz about your brand is always a good thing. Check out my post about Online videos for more tips!
College Campuses. This is especially great if your product or service is a new, hip item. Contact colleges in your area and ask about setting up a booth in the the main “quad”. Make it flashy and interesting and offer passing students information or a coupon. You’re getting great exposure and you are bound to get some leads, too!
Facebook. For pretty cheap, you can create Facebook advertisements that match up with peoples’ interests on their profiles. For example, if you own a yoga product company, you could create a yoga ad that would target people who said they were interested in yoga. Great for targeting the market.

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