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Life Coaching Course
Aug 10

Fantastic Life Coaching Course – Matthew Ferry

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy , Keys to Success , Uncategorized

I have been experiencing Matthew Ferry’s “Inspired Action Weekly” Life Coaching course, and it is absolutely fantastic! If you’re looking for an inspirational course that will make your life better, this is it! I’ve always been skeptical to all the hype about life coaches and self improvement, but after meeting and working with Matthew Ferry, […]

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Jul 16

The Competitive Advantage

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy , Guerrilla Marketing , Keys to Success , Marketing Insights , Uncategorized

Last week I wrote a post about the importance of engaging in competitive research. I’m going to elaborate on that and talk about developing a competitive advantage. Before you can develop your competitive advantage, you need to thoroughly research all of your direct and indirect competition. This is critical, because you do not want to […]

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