No Joke Marketing Simplified

Simplifying Your Marketing – No Joke Style

Let’s face it. With a number of books, courses, seminars, and so-called “marketing guru’s” roaming the planet, marketing has gotten a reputation for being complicated. In order for your business to stand the test of time, now more than ever, you must get your marketing on track and produce profits on a consistent basis. If you are not able to do so, chances are you won’t have a business for too much longer, ;this is no joke.

During this presentation Michael will show you:

  • A step by step process to conduct a 360 degree audit of your current marketing efforts (both online and off)
  • How to spot low hanging fruit / hidden marketing assets that can be capitalized on immediately
  • How to identify potential marketing disasters and course correct
  • How to create a six sentence marketing plan™ that fits on one sheet of paper
  • A foolproof way to design a twelve month marketing calendar that will banish marketing emergencies and get your marketing on track and in motion
  • Three tactics to track ALL of your marketing efforts so you can figure out what’s working and what’s not working
  • An easy process to pick which tactics you should be using and which ones you should ignore
  • How to get the entire company (from the bottom up) aligned and help with marketing
  • How to produce the marketing results you’ve dreamt about

Black Ops Social Media

Black ops social media throws traditional social media marketing on its head. It focuses on stealth tactics that allow you to fly under the radar, grab more market share and dominate on social media.

During this presentation Michael will show you:

  • How to actually generate a positive ROI with social media
  • How to legally spy on your competition
  • A black op content strategy that will leave your members and prospects engaged and begging for more
  • How social media affects your search engine rankings and how to ensure your rankings climb
  • The exact tools, software and systems that big agencies use
  • How to manage all of your social media in the house with the resources you have
  • How to develop a listening station to monitor everything that is being said about you (and anyone else) in real time
  • A process to identify which social networks make the most sense for your business
  • How to add thousands of targeted Facebook fans in 30 days or less
  • The secrets to effective social media using “black ops” tactics that most so called “gurus” won’t talk about.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For More Profits

As the former Chief Marketing Officer of Guerrilla Marketing International (hand trained by Jay Conrad Levinson), Michael has extensive experience in both speaking about and utilizing Guerrilla Marketing Tactics and ideas. As the subject is quite diverse the presentations have varied from Guerrilla Marketing Weapons, to Implementing Guerrilla Marketing, to Generating More Sales Leads. Now more than ever, Guerrilla Marketing is becoming more and more widely used as it focuses around using time, energy, and imagination rather than solely cash!

During this presentation Michael will show you:

  • How to identify the top Guerrilla Marketing weapons that cater specifically to your business
  • How to develop a simple seven-sentence marketing plan that is short and effective, which cuts to the heart of your marketing needs.
  • How to demonstratethe exact marketing template to use, grade, and make changes to during your twelve-month marketing calendar – the same technique that Michael uses with his fortune 500 clients
  • How to uncover the three most common marketing mistakes that, when fixed, will grow your profits instantly
  • How to discuss the current trends in marketing and exactly how to capitalize on them for maximum impact

Putting Your Marketing on Autopilot

What if there was a way to design a campaign and then hit the auto-pilot switch? Even better, a way to know that the campaign you designed will drive growth each and every time? It’s time to work smarter, not harder on the marketing of your business, leveraging the power of software, automation, funnels and little known tips, secrets and tactics.

During this presentation Michael will show you:

  • How to design the perfect marketing funnel for your prospects & customers
  • A new customer marketing funnel that will drive action immediately and provide some shock and awe
  • Easy ways to create engaging content for your funnel
  • Six sites you can leverage to find royalty free content
  • How to select a customer relationship management tool
  • The best email marketing / autoresponder tools on the market
  • All of the tools and resources you need to autopilot your funnel
  • Four social media automation tools that will cut your social media marketing time in half
  • How to integrate traditional (offline) marketing with online marketing automation
  • Low cost resources and web sites you can have in your back pocket should you ever need extra assistance

Web 3.0 Marketing/Multiple Streams of Traffic

As a business owner, trying to keep up with all the latest and greatest marketing tactics can be virtually impossible. As soon as you get a grip on one part of technology, another one pops up and changes the game. The constant developments in the online marketplace make what you know out of date before you even get it implemented. That can be aggravating enough to cause many business owners to avoid online marketing altogether. You may have heard of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 marketing, but you may not have heard about Web 3.0 marketing. If you haven’t, then you are missing a critical path to making more profits and developing market share over your competition.

During this presentation Michael will show you:

  • The difference between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 and how not participating is costing you sales.
  • The secrets to effective web marketing using “black ops” tactics that most so called “gurus” won’t talk about.
  • Why Web 3.0 is more than just “social media” and what you can do to affect the visibility and image of your product and service.
  • How your customers buying and browsing habits have changed (both in the B2C marketing and the B2B market).
  • Easy, step-by-step processes on how you can get a leg up on your competition by practicing Web 3.0 marketing.
  • How mobile technology is completely changing the online game and how mobile can be an advantage to your company.
  • The multiple streams of targeted traffic that can funnel business to you 24/7.