Online Local Marketing With Groupon

By Michael Tasner | Guerrilla Marketing

May 04
Local Marketing is a fun, cheap and easy way to market locally! If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out! Groupon started in 2008 as a way to make it easier for people to enjoy the great things in their community. There is a Groupon for most cities, and they are growing everyday. Here is how it works.

Group on features one daily offer in your community at an unbeatable price. It is featured on the site as “Today’s Deal”. If enough people join in on that deal, then it activates the deal. There is a minimum number of people required to join to activate the deal, so people are encouraged to tell their friends on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once enough people join, then you are charged for the Groupon and it is emailed to you! Don’t worry, you are not charged until the Groupon is activated. They call their strategy, collective buying power.

Groupon is not just great for consumers. It has the incredible ability to drive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of customers to local businesses. says that 95% of their surveyed business partners want to be featured on Groupon again. It has been featured on abc, CBS, NBS, to name a few. Businesses across the country have seen record breaking increases in customers. They are also reaching people they wouldn’t normally reach. Sound good? Learn more at

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[…] I read in the news last week that Google was offering buy Groupon for a report $5 billion! That would be Google’s largest (most expensive) acquisition to date! However, apparently the deal is off, for now. is a relatively new (2 years old) website that offers people daily local deals. Check out my blog post all about Groupon. […]

Joey Muller February 25, 2011

Michael, good article. We all know how the Groupon story continues. But what we don’t know so clearly is WHY is has done as well as it has. I would love your take on my article, Groupon’s Mighty INFLUENCE: 6 Reasons For Its Success: Thanks, Joey


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