Old Fashion Service

By Michael Tasner | Guerrilla Marketing

Mar 09
Old Fashion Service

The topic I want to chat about today is service, good old fashion service.  I can’t really speak from much experience, but rather from chatting with parents and grandparents and reading books and magazines.

From what I have gathered, the service provided in the “good ole days” seemed to be much better then the service.

Some examples of service from a while back:

  • Live person picking up the phone every time
  • Doctors making house calls
  • No time restrictions on what to spend with a client

Some common themes in service today:

  • Voice answering services
  • Email is preferred
  • Get people in and out as quickly as possible
  • Spend as little as possible on service

So I ask you one question: How can you bring some of that good ole days service to the present?  Check out Zappos.com as an example. This is one of my favorite companies in America.  Buy a product I dare you you to and check out the service you receive before AND after the sale, it’s incredible.  Some companies are doing service the right way, but I’m afraid most are not.

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