Marketing with Postcard Decks

By Michael Tasner | Guerrilla Marketing

Mar 10
Postcard Decks

For most companies, postcard marketing can be a great way to generate leads or even product sales.  If you’ve read other posts you’ll see that one of the keys to marketing is in the frequency.  I recccomend that you send at least 3-4 different postcards to the same audience.  Don’t blast out 10,000 cards to 10,000 different people.  Test out 1000 or so people 4 times, bringing your total test mailing to about 4000.   With this list, you can see if you have produced a positive ROI or not pretty quickly.

We use postcards quite frequently at our company to generate leads, but what I’ve found to be even more effective with a higher ROI is postcard decks.  In order to market with postcard decks you will want to find a company that has these decks (usually about 10 postcards) going into your target audience.

If you sell a product that is perfect for people that just built a new home, locate a company that has decks going out to this crowd.  From testing this quite a bit, I have found that response rates are between 3-10% higher then just a traditional postcard!

Jay Conrad Levinson (the founder of Guerrilla Marketing) is a big fan of postcard decks, so if he likes them, then it’s an even great reason to test them out!

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Marty Thomas March 14, 2010

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