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As a marketing expert, I completely understand the importance of data collection and data analysis to better predict consumer behavior and understand the laws of supply and demand, and many other things that pertain to marketing. Business owners should also have the same level of understanding and knowledge when it comes to these things before jumping into marketing a specific product.

Ask yourself this question: How will the marketing of your product provide a solution to consumers, community or a country? This is the reason why you need to find out the kind of products that will be relevant for your target population. Your goal is to be able to meet the changing needs of your market and target consumers.

Here is the right approach you need to follow to marketing your products and services.

1. Identify your market opportunity.

Conducting an in-depth market research is crucial to understand what your target population needs. You will need to know which products are already available and if they are going to deliver well according to the needs of your consumers. If there is an existing product, your next goal will be to identify the gap and close this market gap.

2. Get to know your audience better.

Another must-do in your marketing is getting to know and understand your audience better. You need to be able to explore their needs and get to know what consumer journey means from the time that you make them aware of your product until the decision making.

3. Designing your product.

After identifying what your target consumer needs, your next step is the design of your product. You need to make sure that it is appropriate and of high quality. You also need to consider the accessibility and the affordability of the product.