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By Michael Tasner | Book Reviews

Jul 26

The response to the launch of my new Web 3.o book, Marketing in the Moment, has been great! It has received some excellent reviews, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

But I have some really exciting news! For the next 3 days (7/26-7/28), Marketing in the Moment will be FREE on Amazon if you buy the kindle version. Yes, free! I think it’s a great opportunity for those of you that haven’t had a chance to get it yet, now is the time. And Kindle is a really fun, cheap way to read books. It’s definitely the next big thing for books. So, please check it out! Here is a link directly to where to find it on Amazon.

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Alison MacCallum February 14, 2013

Hi Michael, I used your book to an added text in my Marketing on The Web class two years ago. The students and I found value in the ideas. Are you planning on updating it? It is rather hard to find a current book for this course.

Best regards, Alison

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