Apr 13
Every company needs at least one great leader. Not all of us are meant to lead, and there are specific skills and talents that great leaders possess. Leadership can be defined as the process of providing direction and influencing individuals or groups to achieve goals. Here are some insights into leadership.

Characteristics of Charismatic Leaders:

  • Self-confidence
  • Vision
  • Ability to articulate the vision and make it “real” to others
  • Strong convictions about the vision
  • Behavior that is out of the ordinary
  • Strong abilities to manage change
  • Environment/resource sensitivity

The 3 Ps of Effective Business Leaders:

  • Passion. Leaders have a personal passion for what they do. They’d continue to do it if they were independently wealthy. They would also continue to do it if they were compensated very little.
  • Performance. Leaders hate to lose. They keep score, and they set high standards. They enjoy winning and they hate losing even more.
  • Principle. Cheating in order to win does not count to effective leaders. When faced with a decision that puts profit ahead of principle, principle will always win.

Leadership excellence starts with the decision to be a great leader and with an explicit commitment to greatness. This explicit commitment involves introspection, self-candor and objectivity, a willingness to do what it takes to improve, a time commitment, and a dissatisfaction with being merely “good”.

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