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With so many different forms of online marketing available, it can be more than complicated to decide on what is the best plan for your business. As an executive or high-level entrepreneur, you are clearly looking to use the marketing tools that will bring you the most success. The question you are faced with is “How do you know what will work and what will not?” You are constantly being bombarded with differing ideas: Twitter is the new Facebook. LinkedIn is the way to go. Mobile marketing is the next big thing.

The bottom line is that some online marketing efforts will be a great fit for your company and some won’t. That’s where Michael comes in: He takes the guesswork out of your online marketing. Michael’s primary marketing company, Taz Solutions, has a team of the most experienced online marketers out there. We are constantly researching what works (and what doesn’t) for businesses across a huge variety of industries.

We can leverage our decade of experience when it comes to improving your business. The obvious trend in online marketing is that while some forms that worked years ago are still viable, most have been replaced by quicker and more effective marketing means. We stay on top (and ahead) of marketing trends, and take pride in our team of innovators who use only the latest and greatest online marketing techniques to get our clients the results they deserve.

The icing on the cake: Michael, Taz Solutions’ founder, is known by many companies and marketers as one of the top marketing experts in the world. Michael will personally be heading up your consulting project, while drawing on the depth of knowledge and experience provided by our team of experts. He is also the bestselling author of a book on Web 3.0 Marketing, “Marketing in the Moment.”

>Social Media/Web 2.0/Web 3.0 Audit

Online marketing ideaWe use this audit to get an overall picture of what you’ve done in the past, what has worked, and – most importantly – what hasn’t. The main objective of our social media audit is to identify the most valuable opportunities for your business. Often, these opportunities are created by adopting a new form of marketing, but we can also find areas to tweak in your current marketing efforts. You will have a dedicated team of six marketing experts (plus Michael) who will conduct this audit.

Education and Training

Social media strategyWe conduct both on-site and off-site training and education sessions, tailored specifically to your business and your needs. These sessions range from lunch meetings to full-day or multi-day sessions. Some of the previous events we have held include:

  • How to Leverage Web 3.0 Marketing in 2011
  • Social Media for Salespeople
  • The “Ins and Outs” of Marketing with Video
  • Effective Executive Blogging
  • The Best Ways to Use Twitter
  • Tracking and Monetizing Your Social Media Efforts

As mentioned above, these sessions are tailored completely to your business. We prefer to complete an audit before we conduct a training session so that we can better guide you in selecting the training session that would give you the most tangible results.

Strategic Consulting and Planning

Strategy principlesWe like to sit down with all the key players and start a round table discussion to find the hot points and areas that could use some improvement. Working with your team – whether one-on-one or in group – Michael will guide you towards the outcome you’re looking for.

Some past consulting projects have included:

  • Determining the best Web 3.0 marketing tools to leverage
  • Formulating a six-month launch strategy for a new product
  • Developing a new web site
  • Planning for new acquisitions and morphing their online strategy to yours
  • Setting up a live, web-based TV channel
  • Assisting in constructing a marketing calendar for the upcoming year
  • Identifying the best way to integrate success stories into all of the social media platforms

We can be as hands-on or hands-off as necessary. Some firms engage with us to provide strategic leadership and guidance, and others are looking for guidance and more intense work from us.

Reputation Management and Monitoring

Network of peopleWe start by selecting “listening platforms” that we can use to monitor the online conversations that are taking place around your brand and your competitors. We constantly monitor the online space for relevant conversations and report any changes in sentiment or attitude towards your company and towards your competition.

Our process for managing your reputation is simple: benchmark, listen, respond, engage, measure, and adapt.