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Optimize your Business
Jun 09

How to Optimize your Business for Mobile Savvy Customers

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy , Online Marketing , Online Strategy

A large percentage of the market of many businesses today is comprised of the millennials. They even outnumbered the Baby Boomers and that is the reason why for entrepreneurs, it is only important that they make their business attractive and engaging for the millennials. One of the things that are commonly observed among millennials is […]

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Jul 12

How To Use Facebook Ads

By Michael Tasner | Keys to Success , Marketing Insights , Online Marketing , Online Strategy , Uncategorized

Most of the time, when you advertise it’s because you want to increase your sales. Obviously increasing your sales is the desired end result for most business activities. However, some activities can help your company while not directly increasing sales instantly. Take Facebook ads for instance. Facebook ads should not be considered the “bread winner” […]

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