AV Requirements

AV Requirements Header

Michael asks that the Client organization provides a wireless lavaliere microphone for his use. Additionally, should the Client request a Q&A period within his presentation (which Michael is always happy to do), he asks that the audience microphones be made available to participants so others may hear their questions. These can either be wired microphones placed on mike stands in the venue or wireless mikes offered by “mike runners.”

Additionally, for most presentations, Michael requires a PowerPoint projector set-up. He will provide his slide presentation on DVD (in advance, should the Client request it), as well as on his own laptop as a backup.

If the presentation is to be video-taped, Michael gives his consent for the Client to use the tape for internal needs, but requires a copy to be provided to him within thirty days of the presentation.

You’ll find that Michael is a very gracious presenter and is delighted to give extra time to your attendees. The audience loves to spend a moment with Michael after a presentation to buy his books, have him sign them while he answers their questions. He requests that he’ll be able to sell books to your group with the help of one or two volunteers from the Client organization. He is pleased to provide a substantial discount for group book sales.

Finally, Michael is always available to discuss set-up and content issues prior to the engagement and welcomes a pre-event conference call to ensure your best possible outcome.