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laptop and tablet for digital marketing
Nov 26

The Importance Of Digital Marketing: Why You Need It For Your Business

By Michael Tasner | Online Marketing

Digital marketing revenues reached $57.9 billion in the U.S. during the first six months of 2019 alone. Yet despite these numbers, there are still more than a few hold-outs. Some say, “Digital marketing is a passing trend.” “It’s too difficult to adopt.” “It’s too expensive.” “It’s too risky.” “There’s no significant ROI”. “We don’t understand […]

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Starbucks cup with corporate branding
Nov 19

What Is Corporate Branding?

By Michael Tasner | Personal Brand

Identity. It’s at the heart of every human interaction. It’s how we distinguish ourselves. It’s how we communicate with one another. And what goes for individual interactions, goes for any business segment. A brand communicates both reputation and consistency– a brief but unmistakable summary of the underlying message and whatever associations  they elicit. McDonald’s is […]

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