A Unique Place To Get Ideas – The Shower

By Michael Tasner | Marketing Insights

Dec 13
a unique place

Everyone has their favorite time place and way to get those “breakthru ideas.” For some, they come after hours of intense relaxation, others, ideas come when they least expect them and they aren’t even thinking.

For me: it’s the shower.   I take 45-90 minute showers each day in the morning.   I get all the boring stuff done first (the washing part)  and then move onto the fun stuff — thinking about my day, and random ideas.  I let my mind run the show.

For example:  Today I came up with two new ways to generate web site traffic, an idea for a side business for a friend of mine and a potential title for my next book.

To make sure I capture these ideas I use a product called Aqua Notes.  I was actually sitting in the shower and said, boy someone should invent a waterproof notepad. I rushed down to see if anyone had (as I was going to patent them if it was available)  and darn, someone already did.  Their product works pretty well and accomplishes the task – making sure no good ideas go down the drain.

I urge you to spend time during your week just thinking, I promise you, you’ll come up with some fun stuff!

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So no ideas go down the drain??? OMG Taz, you are too cute. Thanks for a GREAT blog to read very often. Mary Agnes

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