4 Secrets to Managing Virtual Employees

By Michael Tasner | Business Strategy

Aug 09
Managing Virtual Employees

Running a business can be very challenging, let alone a 100% virtual based business.  When managed correctly, virtual employees can be a great asset. Unfortunately, without effective management, keeping virtual employees productive can be a struggle.

I have ran a virtual company over the past 11 years. Based on this experience, I have put together this article to provide you with four of the top secrets to running a virtual company.

  1. Setting the ground rules. Make sure that you establish accountability from day one.
  2. Provide some “face time”. Have weekly meetings with web cams so that you can see expressions and tone. I recommend using skype.
  3. Reporting. Having daily, weekly and monthly reports ensures that work is getting done.
  4. In-person meetings. It’s always nice to meet face to face and bond with your team.

Having virtual employees is a great asset and when they are managed and treated well, they can be productivity powerhouses!

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