How to Effectively Communicate, Converse and Connect with your Audience

Effectively Communicate with your Audience

Communication at this very moment in time is absolutely essential, absolutely essential. Some businesses are retreating. They have kind of completely gone dark, while other businesses have twox, threex, fivex, even 10x, the amount of communication that they’re putting out there. 
Regardless of the type of business that you’re in, I want you to increase whatever you’re putting out there, at least two fold, but possibly even five fold. 
Let me kind of walk you through what we’re doing. And I’m going to tell you the best platforms that we’re seeing the most success with, and why. The next, let’s call it 30 days, to me really is a branding play. Most marketing that we do, when I refer to “we”, I’m referring to my agency, but even most marketing that everyone listening is doing would be deemed kind of direct response marketing. You put an ad out there, you’re trying to solicit a response. You sent an email, you’re trying to get a response, direct response marketing.
But that is really not working at this very moment in time. If you know that people are in survival mode, again, you’ve got to change your messaging, you’ve got to change what you’re putting out to the universe. If you’re a pest control company, talking about, get your house sprayed immediately in $39 first spray, for example, that’s not going to resonate. 
However, in that particular example, you could say, “We know that you’re stuck at home, but you’re able to go in your backyard. So if we can make your backyard a little bit more enjoyable, click here to learn more.”
That message is going to resonate a lot more than just a straight out direct response branding ad at this very moment in time. Whether we’re talking two weeks a week, three weeks, three months, I have absolutely no clue. However, from a platform standpoint, we’re trying to increase not only the amount of communication, but the platforms that we’re using. 
So we’re doing weekly webinars. Our first one is tomorrow. We’re doing Facebook Lives. We’re doing LinkedIn lives. we’re communicating via email, we started communicating via text message. I’ve been producing videos that I’m sending out to our clients. I’m writing blog posts and articles. I’m communicating on a regular basis. But if I look at the businesses that are being most successful at this very moment in time, there is one platform and one method that I’m seeing, working at an exponential. It’s always worked in the past, but it has never worked this well. And that method is Facebook Live. Now there’s YouTube Live and there’s Ustream and LinkedIn live. There’s lots of other options to go live. But we’re seeing the best success at this very moment with Facebook Live. And the reason behind this is that they’re straight out conversations versus commercials. So let me repeat that. Conversations. Not commercials. 
If you were to do a Facebook Live, you might answer some questions. But really, your hidden agenda was to have your listeners take some kind of action with you. What is working extremely well, right? Now as literally just going on Facebook Live, opening it up to your universe, and just having chats, casual conversations. Now depending on the nature of your business, you could obviously open it up to some specific questions to your line of work. 
If you’re in the tax business, there’s an insane amount of questions that I’m sure your clients have, and they would greatly appreciate it if Facebook Live. For whatever reason, I have not heard from my CPA in the last couple of weeks, other than me sending an email asking for a response and hearing “Well, I have to look at it and I’ll get back to you”
Him and his company are missing a massive opportunity to build some goodwill at this very moment in time. Everyone is looking to do these SBA loans. They don’t know what to do with their mortgage paint like all these things. If he were to have a weekly Facebook Live, text, chat with XYZ, I’m not gonna name his name, because I don’t want to throw him under the bus. And obviously, there’s different rules and regulations and we’re not going to get into that nitty gritty. 
But if you’re a nurse, why could you do something a little bit generic and have your disclaimers and it’s not people coming on saying “do I have the COVID-19 virus”. But maybe it’s just tips about cleaning your home. If you have a cleaning business, you could be talking like having a weekly of how you could make home cleaning things. Like there’s all and those are obviously, B to C, but the accounting piece can be b2b weekly conversations. And again, it does not have to solely be about your profession. 
The ones that I’m seeing that are creating the most goodwill are ones that are more generic in nature where they’ve got a little bit of an agenda, but they’re more personal. They’re showing pictures or maybe their kids are running around in the background, for example, they’re talking about how it’s affected themselves and their team and their business. And it’s more of an emotional play. But really, it’s a human level. 
There’s always been these debates of b2c marketing is drastically different than b2b. And I’ve never been a lot in alignment with that. Everything is p2p, it’s person to person and people connect at a human level. And that is really where I’m seeing the bigger opportunity. 
What I want you to look at is, what platform makes sense for you to do some kind of live and you don’t have to do it every single day or every week. But for the next couple of weeks, if you want the opportunity to grow your brand and show you as a leader in the industry, it’s a perfect time for you to get out there and put yourself out there. You can use tools and technology like zoom for example. You don’t have to have a fancy green screen or lights or background. It can literally be done with your laptop and plugging in a little microphone. 
One of the gentlemen in the marketing space is Gary Vaynerchuk, and he’s doing “Tea with Gary Vee” or something like that. And he’s dressed casually but there are conversations and he’s putting himself out there to show how he can be of service. 
My challenge for you today is when are you willing to do some kind of live video, connect with your audience and help serve your community, your listeners, your followers?

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