5 Life Rules That Can Bring You Greater Success

5 Life Rules That Can Bring You Greater Success

Success. It’s the topic of a million and one self-help books and seminars. It’s the key driver behind our lives, both professionally and personally. It’s an open-ended quality, at once tangible and impossible to define. And for many of us, that quality remains elusive.
Think about what success means for you. Does it mean a higher paying job? Social Influence? A nicer house? Travel? Or does it mean being supported by a strong, nurturing circle of friends, family, and colleagues?
There’s no universal definition of success. It’s as much subject to your own personal values as… well, your definition of your own personal values. What defines success for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company will no doubt be extremely different from your next door neighbor’s definition of success.
Fulfillment. Challenge. Security. Esteem. These are all qualities we strive for. Sometimes, they’re within our grasp. At other times, achieving them can seem like an uphill battle. But even if there is no universal measurement of success, there are mindsets you can adopt to increase its likelihood, both in the business world and in your personal life. There are still rules which can govern the boardroom as much as the living room. Success is as much an attitude as it is a method. And without the right attitude, any method has a much higher chance of failure.
Life doesn’t necessarily have any rules. Neither does success. But there are certain hacks to success that work a bit more consistently than others. If you’re ready to lose your self-defeating baggage, here are five simple tips that just might position you for greater success.

Learn To Play Well With Others

Despite what industry leaders claim, there’s no such thing as a unique and singular vision. From your marketing department to sales, to customers, to your product, everything is driven by collaboration. And it’s no different in your personal and family life, either. Humans are, by default, social creatures. And the more you learn to adapt to standards that others create, the more willing they’ll be to adapt to yours.
Collaboration means a willingness to put aside your own stubbornness, your own ego, and your own biases in order to help a project thrive—whether it’s a software app in development or a relationship with your partner. It requires constant awareness of another’s needs as much as their awareness of yours. And it can only be achieved on an equal basis.

Target Opportunities, Not Obstacles

Far too often, in both our business and our personal lives, we choose to focus on problems and their solutions to the exclusion of all else. While crises, deadlines, and dilemmas should never be entirely ignored, they frequently have a way of solving themselves. By perpetually worrying about them, you’re not only causing yourself greater levels of anxiety and stress, but you’re also blinding yourself to the possibilities around you. Both of which can be detrimental to success.
The world around you is absolutely teeming with inspiration. So are the people around you. And inspiration is frequently a solution. It’s its own reward—and nothing inspires success quite like a reward.

Prioritization And Re-prioritization

Many of us live lives so intensely rigid, inspiration can’t break through, even when we try. We prioritize ideas, values and projects without realizing that the world around us is constantly shifting. And subsequently, so should our attitudes.

Reprioritization should not be confused with inconsistency. Never lose sight of the bigger picture. That’s a surefire recipe for closed-mindedness. But change is fundamental to growth. And if you find yourself feeling stagnant by getting caught up in the minutiae of your life, that’s a fundamental barrier to success. “Thinking outside the box” may be cliche, but sometimes cliches can be effective. Learning how to refocus your energies into unfamiliar territory not only leaves you open to inspiration from the most unexpected places but also helps you grow in both business and your life.

Self Evaluation: Your Roadmap To Success

One of the keys to consistently seeing the bigger picture is to have a firm and clear anchor as to what your goals are. Your goals aren’t just a reflection of success; they’re a reflection of your personality.
We all have numerous goals to achieve, whether they take place in the span of a week, a month or even decades. Recording them in specific detail in a personal journal can prove invaluable in helping to track them. Take the time at least once a week to evaluate the progress of your goals, as well as hindrances to fulfilling them. If it’s a question of your own personality and attitudes that keep you from success, be brutally frank with yourself. What could you achieve if your lifestyle was different? Your work atmosphere? Set a definitive timeline for your goals, but try not to beat yourself up if you fall short. Reorganizing your life is not an overnight process, but a gradual one.

Extend Kindness To Yourself As Much As Others

We live in a world which is slow to recognize one another for our achievements. We’re quick to assign blame, and sometimes even shoulder the responsibility. But we rarely reward one another outside of mere formalities. And even if we don’t show it, this lack of acknowledgment can give rise to a deeply rooted sense of ingratitude—and one which can be toxic to our immediate environment.
It’s not enough to praise your software developer when they deliver an app several weeks prior to release. Or a child for getting straight A’s. Extending gratitude and kindness is one of the most significant motivators we can hope to have. And if you want to motivate constantly, both need to be constant. Nowhere should this be practiced more consistently than with yourself. Don’t become subject to both self-doubt or self-pity if you fall short of your goals. Remind yourself that even negative circumstances can be thought of as a “trial by fire,” one in which both you and your goals will emerge stronger and clearer. Let your own self-forgiveness find its natural extension in forgiving others, and you’ll find no shortage of support. They’re just one part of the puzzle that constitutes your success.
How you arrange that puzzle is up to you.
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