Psychological Tricks to Persuade People to Buy More

persuade people to buy

For any company who’s into the retail business, marketing strategies and tactics are crucial in order to boost sales. However, a growing number of research claims that aside from these techniques that companies and businesses practice, people can be influenced into buying by influencing them psychologically.
The decision-making capacity of today’s consumers is engineered. It means that the companies are using some tricks to entice your mind to spend more and purchase more.
Here are some of the most common psychological tricks used by companies to persuade more people.

They look for a common ground

People have the tendency to select a choice where they feel like they belong. They want to feel that they are sharing something common to other people as well. They would rather deal with and be with the people who they think are like them.

They know what will attract you

Consumers usually don’t bother sharing their contact information when companies ask for them, like their email addresses. However, when they are asked about something that piques their interest, they have higher chances of leaving their contact information on the website. For companies, it is important to bank on the strengths they have and align it to how it will be useful to their target market.

They make you feel nostalgic

That familiar feeling that brings you back to a time that brings a rush of emotions, that feeling of nostalgia, that is one of the things that companies use to lure you into buying. According to research, nostalgia has the power to make people willing to spend more because they feel like they value money less.

They trick you by the rude treatment of their sales people

This strategy only works for expensive and high-end stores. Customers who are being given a not-so-friendly treatment by the staff tend to buy more and they even buy the more expensive products. However, this does not work with the ordinary, or mass-market brands.

They use small packaging

When buying a certain product, one of the considerations consumers think of is the size. Of course, you won’t buy something that you think won’t be enough for you. If you are buying a beverage and the packaging is small, the tendency is that you will go for the next bigger size. Or you may also be buying two or more because you will think that those are just mini sizes anyway. You won’t realize that you are actually buying and consuming more products.

They give away freebies

Does everybody love freebies, who doesn’t? This is one of the common tactics that many companies use. Once a consumer consumes one free goodie, it increases their desire to get more. In the end, they will be lured to buying the product.

They release limited editions of certain products

It is true that scarcity sells. For some reason, when people find out that they don’t have all the time in the world to buy a product, chances are they rush to buy it due to the so-called FOMO, or fear of missing out. The limited time offers awakens that sense of urgency to purchase the product right away.

They highlight their weaknesses

People do not find it very common for companies to make their weaknesses known. And that is the reason why people appreciate it, even more, when companies and businesses do it because they feel that they are with a more trustworthy company. This is even more effective when companies turn this weakness into a challenge or a strength.

They emphasize their strengths too

Another thing that companies do to attract more people into purchasing is by highlighting their strengths and features. This strategy is effective because people, unknowingly, are drawn to a great feature of the product until they are finally decided to push through the decision.

They allow you to hold the products

According to a research, a person tends to buy when he is given the chance to look at it closely or hold it, rather than give them the chance to look at them in photographs. By doing this, companies can instantly increase a person’s willingness to purchase.
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