6 Smart Ideas to Make Money on the Side

Make Money

If your goal this year is to earn some extra income to probably cover some of your loans, save up for something you have been dying to buy for a long time, or go on an extravagant vacation, then making extra money on the side must be on your to-do list.
How can you make it happen?
If you are working a full-time job, it is not impossible to earn some extra cash. Aside from getting another part-time job, there are just plenty of ways by which you can earn while you remain in control of your time and rates. So the good news is that instead of working for the required number of hours within a shift, you will be the one who will be your own boss and will be able to decide what you do and how much money you make.
If you’re wondering how you can make it happen, the answer is simple: freelance with your skills.

Leverage on your skills to earn extra cash on the side. Here are some of the options you can explore:

1. Write

If one of your skills includes writing engaging blog posts, then it is the perfect time for you to put that skill into work. If you cannot start a blog of your own at the moment, you may want to begin with content sites, although you cannot expect the pay to be that big.

2. Do graphic design or web design

If you have a creative flare which you can apply to web pages or a few pieces of graphic images, then you could be making some serious cash from those skills. Make sure that you advertise on your website or your blog that you are available for hire. Also, share samples of your most recent projects. You might also want to consider offering your services on a job marketplace just like Upwork. You can also ask your friends for referrals.

3. Develop applications or websites

If you spend the majority of your time coding than browsing through social media websites, then you can make more money off your hobby. If you do not have any idea what to develop, find a problem and then solve it. Find a niche which you think will need your expertise and then fill it.

4. Take photos

If you are into photography and know the basic principles and knowledge about photo editing, and of course have your own decent camera, then you can go ahead and make money from taking photographs. There are plenty of opportunities when you are a photographer because there are plenty of events which need your skills. Aside from that, you can even sell your photos to a stock photography website. This is the reason why this job is a very popular side hustle. At first, it could be quite a challenge to get into the business especially if you are just starting out, but you can start with word of mouth. Start asking your friends to refer you to the people they know who are celebrating birthdays, weddings, and are holding other events.

5. Offer calligraphy

Calligraphy writing is very attractive, and if you have mastered the art of making beautiful pen strokes, you can turn this skill into cold cash by offering this kind of service. This is very useful for handwritten invitations, envelopes, place cards, signs, and many others. If you want to be very good at this, all it takes is constant practice and investment on quality tools. Then you can promote your work samples online by posting them on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

6. Babysit or Nanny

It is not easy to take care of children, which is why this is supposed to be considered a skill. There are also plenty of opportunities for babysitting because parents always need someone to look after their school-aged kids on weekends if they have weekend plans or they just need help when they feel too tired. For a start, look into your own circle of friends because parents will trust nannies better if they are someone they already know.

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