Post Transaction Service is Key

You work hard to get new customers. You advertise, send thoughtful marketing messages, and delivery a quality product or tremendous service. But is that enough? A extremely powerful way to keep customers loyal is to provide exceptional post transaction service. Aka the follow up.
Keeping in touch with a simple letter, email or even a phone call can make a big impression for the customer. It really shows that you care and are invested in his/her patronage. Some people think that they will come off as too pushy, but that is rarely the case! Do not try and sell your customer anything in your follow up, simply thank them for their business and ask how everything is. Offer them to come in for a free tune up is that applies to your product. Any contact that shows you care will make a positive impression on your customer, and will help keep them loyal to you! And it hardly costs a thing.
If you have a large business, it might seem overwhelming to add following up to your activities. Here are some tips for developing a good follow up system.
  • Keep it systematic. There should be a process that is followed every time.
  • It should require minimal physical interaction to run. Meaning, have an electronic autopilot that will send out messages.
  • It should generate consistent, predictable results.

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