Reduce Stress at Work

I thought it might be time to write a helpful blog post about stress management. Lets face it, we all need it! Especially at work. With the economy the way it is, it’s hard to not get stressed out about your job, money issues, time management, etc. But being stressed does not help you at all, and sometimes it can hurt your business if you do not take control! Here are just a few tips to help you reduce your stress 🙂
  • Get enough sleep. This can seem difficult, especially if you have tons of work piling up that needs to get done! But it’s important to get sleep so that you can remain productive throughout the day. Lack of sleep can obviously cause you to be very tired, and it can lead to mistakes if you’re doing work while drowsy! It’s worth it to try and get those 8 hours!
  • Eat right. Eating the right types of food can give you more energy and reduce stress. Studies show that it’s best to stay away from foods that give your body/mind “highs and lows” like caffeine and alcohol. Stay away from stimulants and depressants. A few good stress reliever foods are: asparagus, beef, milk, cottage cheese + fruit, and almonds.
  • Exercise a little. I know, easier said than done, but it really helps! It’s a fact that aerobic exercise is an effective anti-anxiety and mood lifting treatment. It can also increase your energy, and help you focus better! You will be more productive in the workplace.

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