Social Media and the Celebrity

Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful medium and everyone is joining in on it. Not just you, me and Joe Schmo, but celebrities are getting in on the action, too. Social media is not only a way for people to connect with each other, it’s a network of ideas. It’s an avenue of instant access to information and events, and you can hear about something happening as it unfolds. If you haven’t noticed, it has completely changed the way we receive and consume world news and events.
Social media is having a particular affect on the celebrity. Sure, it’s changed your life, friendships, relationships, etc. But think of what it’s done for celebrities. Everyone can see your Twitter and Facebook… but not everyone is looking. For a celebrity, everyone is looking. A certain celebrity is the inspiration for this post: Lindsay Lohan.
In my constant surveillance of the top blogs, and my ever updating Twitter feed, I’ve learned all about the fate of Ms. Lohan. It’s the top story – Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. Is it my business? Is it anyones’ business? Most would argue that it may not be, but society has made it so. I’d have to agree. Some celebrities refuse to acknowledge social media and wish to keep everything private. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way. I think, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.
I believe it is in the celebrity’s best interest to use social media to manage their own reputations, and to not leave it at the hands of the bloggers alone. Obviously you can’t stop people from talking and writing about you, but you are the best source of information about yourself. For example, say you are a certain married actor who gets your picture taken with a woman other than your wife. The picture is all over the web and tabloids. You can address the issue directly, via social media, and say “That’s my wife’s interior decorator!”, and your wife can says “That’s my interior decorator”. No blogger or tabloid would say that for you, because it takes the controversy right out of it! Celebrities need to take control of their own social media accounts to take control of their reputations.
People love having access to celebrities. Having social media as a way for fans to follow, read and admire you is a great way for you to connect with them. People want to know the person behind the character, and this is a growing medium to do so.

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