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I just attended a really fun webinar called “Social Networking for Real Business: Distributing Your Content to The Right Audience”. It’s from the lady behind MarketMeTweet – which I learned all about during the webinar.
The message behind the webinar is that it is critical for businesses, large and small, to have a social presence. I cannot agree more! Social media sites are growing in importance, and it is not only a great place to market your product, but it allows you to build relationships with customers. Managing all of your social media accounts can take hours out of your day (if one properly). Most companies will have people devoted to managing social media, but not everyone can afford such a luxury. MarketMeTweet is an app that really seems to simplify Twitter as a marketing tool.
MarketMeTweet is a twitter management tool that allows you to do tons of things! The people behind it have collaborated with Twitter so that you can be sure it is within the rules (you do not want to get banned!). There are so many features: Reply Campaign, RSS Manager, Follow Users, Group Management, and so much more.
The most exciting feature of MarketMeTweet is what I’m focus on now. Have you ever noticed that when you post a Tweet, right underneeth your post it says “XX minutes ago via web” or via whatever app you used to Tweet. So, essentially you were a walking advertisement for the app you were using. That little area is prime real estate! What MarketMeTweet does, is it allows you to put YOUR website with an active link in that little space! So, if I were to Tweet with it, it would say “XX minutes ago via” and anyone who reads that Tweet could click on the link and go right to my site! It’s a great way to build you brand presence on Twitter.
More presence = more traffic. Why? Well, for one, Google now allows Twitter results to show up on real time search. And it never hurts to get your name out there however you can, and Twitter is a great outlet.
Overall, I found this webinar to be very informative about the benefits of MarketMeTweet and Twitter for businesses. Check out their site to learn more

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