Why Newspapers are Failing


If you’re reading this blog, chances are you don’t usually read the newspaper. That’s because newspapers are failing. It’s kind of sad, but times are changing! Marketing and information are completely different from how they used to be back when newspapers were king.
News is now free. You can get it online, on tv, the radio. Sure, you can argue that you have to pay for those services, but they also provide massive amounts of entertainment. News is not their primary function. People want their news now. Newspapers are limited because they have to wait an entire day to print a story. Tv can break news in minutes. Online you can hear about a news story within seconds of it happening!
Newspapers are also limited by their costs. Think about how much more it costs to produce a newspaper compared to an online news site. The amount of people that work there, the production, the paper, the ink, the distribution, etc. Simply, it’s outdated.
Thousands of newspapers are closing every year because people are no longer subscribing. There is even a site called that says it is “chronicling the decline of newspapers and the rebirth of journalism”. I like the last part of the description, because although it is sad to see a major medium diminish, it means there is a new era emerging.
Online news is exploding and I don’t see it stopping. Some newspapers have caught on, making hybrid print/online models. Others have gone to online only. I love this medium because it is so instant. As I said before, you can read about a news event within seconds of it taking place. I think that is incredible! Even Twitter, although not too highly credible, acts as a breaking news alert. This instant news/events access is a trend that has already changed the world, and I think it will continue to do so.

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