The Power of Viral Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing, or word-of-mouth marketing, is considered one of the most powerful methods of marketing. It doesn’t have anything to do with a huge budget or flashy ads, although that can help sometimes. But even the companies with the smallest wallets can explode because of buzz marketing. The definition is basically the interaction of customers and users of a product/service serves as a way to amplifying the original marketing message. It’s the hype, excitement, anticipation, “buzz” surrounding a product or service.
Take the movie/book series, Twilight, for example. The mere mention of the word would send adolescent girls into a tizzy. Think about how powerful that is! People everywhere know exactly what Twilight is and what it’s about (don’t act like you don’t!) and it’s all because of the buzz surrounding the saga.
That movie happened to have a massive budget with tons of advertising, so it takes away from my point that anyone can utilize buzz marketing. But remember the Blair Witch Project? The buzz surrounding that movie was extraordinary, yet they had one of the lowest film budgets ever. The director revealed the final budget was about $20,000, but it grossed $248,639,009 worldwide. Thank you buzz marketing!
I realize these are some amazing examples, but it’s a great idea to try and create some buzz for your brand! Some cheap tricks to try are viral videos (on YouTube and other video sites), social media, and contests. Maybe it’ll catch on 🙂

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