Month: July 2010

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Post Transaction Service is Key

You work hard to get new customers. You advertise, send thoughtful marketing messages, and delivery a quality product or tremendous service. But is that enough? A extremely powerful way to keep customers loyal is to provide exceptional post transaction service. Aka the follow up. Keeping in touch with a simple letter, email or even a

Adding Surprise to Your Marketing

Adding Surprise to Your Marketing

The other day I posted a blog about making your marketing message evoke emotion in the audience. I’m going to focus on another great tactic for evoking emotion; surprise. Today’s marketing landscape is extremely crowded. And competition is not slowing down. To get the attention you want, you need to have more than just a

The Future of Shopping

The Future of Shopping

Check out this crazy commercial from Cisco. It is Cisco’s new generation of technology. It will allow people to use video in new ways to enhance collaboration, productivity, and business innovation. Cisco says that it will allow you to access any service, at any location from any device while reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Marketing in the Moment book FREE on Amazon

The response to the launch of my new Web 3.o book, Marketing in the Moment, has been great! It has received some excellent reviews, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. But I have some really exciting news! For the next 3 days (7/26-7/28), Marketing in the Moment will be FREE on Amazon if

Emotions are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Being able to evoke some sort of emotion in your audience when they experience your marketing is a great thing. That emotion depends on your product or brand, and although you may think that a positive emotion is best, that is not always the case. Emotions are extremely powerful when it comes to branding, brand

Reduce Stress at Work

I thought it might be time to write a helpful blog post about stress management. Lets face it, we all need it! Especially at work. With the economy the way it is, it’s hard to not get stressed out about your job, money issues, time management, etc. But being stressed does not help you at

Social Media and the Celebrity

Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful medium and everyone is joining in on it. Not just you, me and Joe Schmo, but celebrities are getting in on the action, too. Social media is not only a way for people to connect with each other, it’s a network of ideas. It’s an avenue of instant

Apple's Response to Antenna Issues – Smart or Bad?

As you know, the iPhone 4 has recently hit the shelves and is quite popular. A few weeks ago, it became known that there are antenna problems with the new phones, causing dropped calls and a whole lotta hoopla. The issue can be seen when the iPhone 4 is gripped a certain way- there are

The Competitive Advantage

The Competitive Advantage

Last week I wrote a post about the importance of engaging in competitive research. I’m going to elaborate on that and talk about developing a competitive advantage. Before you can develop your competitive advantage, you need to thoroughly research all of your direct and indirect competition. This is critical, because you do not want to

MarketMeTweet Webinar

MarketMeTweet Webinar

I just attended a really fun webinar called “Social Networking for Real Business: Distributing Your Content to The Right Audience”. It’s from the lady behind MarketMeTweet – which I learned all about during the webinar. The message behind the webinar is that it is critical for businesses, large and small, to have a social presence.

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