5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Implement Now


Guerrilla Marketing is one of the most well known marketing methods. I love it because it is all about using time, energy and imagination rather than money. Most companies think that the more they spend on their marketing efforts, the better the return. This is not the case. Sometimes, the cheapest tactic can render the best results! I became a Certified Guerrilla Marketer by learning from the Father of Guerrilla Marketing himself, Jay Levinson. I’m going to share 5 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons with you right now.

  1. Word-of-mouth. Free and effective! It has the viral factor.
  2. Free demonstrations. People love free stuff, so offer a free demonstration. People are less likely to turn it down, and it usually can end in a sale.
  3. Follow up. Although this may not seem like an obvious marketing tactic, it is very important. Following up with a potential customer shows your interest and sincerity.
  4. How you say hello/goodbye. Another strange Guerrilla Marketing tactic? Not at all – how you greet your customers can go a long way! People remember kind, friendly customer service.
  5. Designated Guerrilla. Find one person to organize and implement your guerrilla marketing tactics. Business needs to go on as usual, so designate one person to take on this task.

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