Company Values

company values

Company culture and values are more important than one might think. They influence how business is done, and how your employees interact with each other and you. It can have a huge impact your business function as well. I thought I would share my company’s ten core values so you can get an idea of how we work over here 🙂

  • At Taz Solutions, we want our company culture to reflect that of a family.
  • We’re all in this for the same mission, to support each other to achieve our dreams. That is, the dreams of our employees, our contractors, our clients and even our vendors. Families treat each other with respect, love and devotion. We strive to look out for one another, helping each other be successful, and ensuring the success of the company as a whole. And like most families, we believe in friendly competition.
  • Operating out of integrity 100% of the time is essential to doing business the right way.We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth, ever. We also stick to “white hat” marketing tactics, never trying anything that could comprise our client’s image or brand. Our clients’ brands and images are everything to them and we know this. This also spills over into the vendors we chose to work with, the clients we take on, and the people we hire. We will only engage the most qualified person or team for the job.
  • We will always be one step ahead of the curve. Let’s face it; the Internet is changing pretty much every day. If we want to remain competitive (along with our clients) we need to constantly stay on the leading edge and innovating daily. Our team is encouraged to spend 20% of their time on education. This may be by attending seminars, reading new books, surfing the web and locating trends or simply making their own trends! It’s critical we never lose our edge! Instead of just keeping pace with the trends, we pride ourselves in being some of the leaders in those trends — for example coining the phrase Web 3.0 Marketing before anyone!
  • Blue Oceans are So much better. We play in a different league then the rest of the world, and we want to make sure that our clients do as well. Referencing the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” we strive to make the competition become irrelevant rather than playing in an over-crowed space. Red oceans are ones that the competition has “blooded up” due to the constant fighting over market share. Blue Oceans are those uncharted waters. We set the rules of the game, and find oceans and markets that have yet to be discovered. We brand our clients as the authority figures and thus they become untouchable never really having any direct competition thus enjoying all the benefits.
  • Passion is what it’s all about! Speak to anyone on our team and you hear the passion in their voice when they talk about the clients we are helping. We get excited about the people we’re supporting! This allows us to continue to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas. It doesn’t feel like work if you’re passionate about what you’re doing!
  • Success is simply fun. Success means different things to many of our clients, our vendors and contractors. Simplified for most, success is the ability to have enough passive income so you don’t need to “work” if you choose not to. This level of success allows our clients to enjoy their lives and our team to partner in that success through revenue share.
  • Everyone at our organization is vested in the partnership model. This is the core to our philosophy! When our clients make more money, we make more money. When our clients make less money we make less money. This model of doing business keeps everyone on the top of his or her game. We make decisions as if the business was ours, rather than a vendor- client relationship. Revenue share is a great way for our contractors to focus on making our clients successful. Each person that contributes will be given a piece. The partnership model gives clients access to our wealth of marketing knowledge, and allows for much more open lines of communication. With our clients as partners, everyone wins!
  • What is success without a life balance? Finding the balance between work and play is critical for everyone. To aid in helping things along, we strive to establish passive income streams for our clients so they can work less and play more. Once enough passive income is coming in the door, it frees our clients up to focus on other projects they have been putting off because of their attachment to the outcome.
  • There is always room to grow. We’re going to celebrate the wins, but also look at what we can do next time to improve the results. This is done by looking at the hard numbers, adjusting variables and re- running the promotion. Things can always improve and that’s what makes marketing so much fun!
  • Dreams drive us. We will strive to help both our employees and our clients achieve their dreams to create the most dynamic company in the universe. An incredible amount of loyalty and goodwill will be formed with each dream we’re able to check off the list.

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