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Scheduling a meeting can be a struggle, let alone having a truly effective, well planned one. Lots of time goes into fitting the meeting into everyone’s schedule and making sure the meeting stays on point. I’m sure most of you will agree, lots of time ends up being wasted.
Thats why I use to help plan successful meetings. It is a web application that makes it very easy to schedule and lead great meetings. It ensures that attendees arrive prepared, stay focused, and leave with a common purpose and clear to-dos. Here are some key features that make TimeBridge a great tool:

  • Via email, it allows you to propose up to 5 times that attendees can choose from, and then it automatically coordinates everyone’s calenders.
  • It allows you to share your availability with everyone – regardless of their calender system!
  • You can add free phone conference dial-in info easily.
  • Automatic email and SMS reminders for all attendees – no more herding cats!
  • You can share your agenda and monitor progress to keep meetings on track.

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