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Marketing to the masses has always been a tough strategy, until now.  Sites like, and are popping out like there is no tomorrow.  At a first glance, you assume they must have massive marketing budgets to drive the orders they do (thousands and thousands of orders).  It’s actually the opposite.  The viral factor is what is driving these orders.  What’s fascinating about these sites is they sell one product or service  a day and that’s it. Groupon sells one product or service for a particular city, whereas sells one to the world.
Theres now a new site in town and there marketing model is brilliant — Seize The Deal.  Seize The Deal operates out of the same mentality as Groupon — one product or service a day in a particular city, but in order for you to get the deal, a quota (that’s openly displayed) must be met.  So what ends up happening is — you forward the offer to all your friends, and your facebook friends, and tweet about it because you want that deal.
That is Guerrilla Marketing at its best.
So I’ll leave you with a question — how can you get your clients to drive your sales for you?  A team of free virtual salespeople that speak about your product or service.

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