Shifting from YouTube to Ustream

Video Marketing

At this writing YouTube has 71 million unique visitors a month. But a site called will take your Web marketing 3.0 efforts to a new level.
I’m talking about watching events and videos as they happen. Want to watch a viral video? Join into the channel and watch as it unfolds. Want to get involved? Take part in some live user interaction during the viewing.
It’s all about the user interaction. This goes for everything: user-generated content, webinars, video, virtual worlds, mobile marketing. The key takeaway with these concepts is to make sure the users can get involved. How fun is it to sit and watch? Depending on what it is, it can be fun. Want to make it more fun and turn it into an experience? Get the users involved.
Two options of viewing video:
Option 1: You can watch a video presentation on how to roast a marshmallow on YouTube.
Option 2: You can view a stream-broadcasting at 9:30 PM at my house in my backyard as I demonstrate, live, how to roast a marshmallow.
Which option do you prefer? Option 1 is great for busy people who can’t make the time, but most will go with Option 2 so they can be a part of the event.  To facilitate the interaction I can ask others to roast marshmallows and show their live feed, take questions over the phone, or questions over chat.  During the event, I will also be tweeting, and asking people to re-tweet to generate additional buzz and interaction.
Advantages of Live Video

  • User interaction
  • Typically higher attendance
  • Share the thrill
  • Appeals to the different senses and emotions

Disadvantages of Live Video:

  • Scheduling issues
  • Quicker computers and Internet connections are preferred as there will be some lag time

As we have done with the other disadvantages, we can provide a rebuttal. If people can’t attend your live stream, they can still replay it. The advantage of this over YouTube is you still get some of the live experience on your computer.

In regards to having faster computers and Internet speeds, this used to be the case for most feeds. There was always a delay and some lag time. This has improved greatly and will continue to get better as computer speeds, Internet connections and the actual streaming-video technology improve.

What factors are causing this trend to increase?

  • People love to be entertained.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The usage of the Internet continues to skyrocket.
  • On-demand is no longer enough; people want that experience.
  • Rising costs in travel.
  • Mobile.

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