Energizing your Brand


If you are marketing a product or service, you want to experience growth. Easier said than done now-a-days! However, a fantastic way to induce growth in an existing product market is by energizing your brand. A brand energizer is a subbrand or brand that energizes and enhances the parent brand. These energizers could be products, promotion, endorsers, or any source of energy attached to the brand. It may or not be part of the offering.
Here are two examples to get you thinking.
Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty products for women. How do they energize their brand? They are HUGE proponents of the fight against breast cancer, and have created the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade. Their annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is a highly successful fundraiser and is very well known. Philanthropy is a wonderful way to energize your brand because it helps a great cause and brings goodwill to your brand!
Westin is a popular hotel chain. As a way to differentiate and energize their brand, they came up with the Westin Heavenly Products. It is the “Westin Difference” of a heavenly experience. These products include sensory welcome (scents, plush surroundings), Westin Breathe (smoke-free environment), Heavenly spa, and many other luxuries. The headliner for this energizer is the Westin Heavenly Bed. The hotel describes the sleeping experience as being “enveloped by layers of down, 250-count sheets, five plush pillows, and our exclusive pillow-top mattress. It is a combination so divine, it took the hotel industry by storm when it was introduced in 1999.” Sounds great, right? Westin was able to successfully energize their brand by promoting a luxurious style into their average hotel brand.

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