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Want to get noticed? When it comes to marketing, of course you do! One of the fastest growing marketing trends is using online videos, specifically on Everyone and their grandmother knows about YouTube, and most of you have used it yourselves. Its a great way to get a viral message out there that can create buzz for your brand! Here are some tips for YouTube online videos:
Don’t get blacklisted from the site. An easy way to avoid this is to not spam. Posting the same content repeatedly is called spamming, and YouTube does not allow this. Only post something once, and hope for a hit!
Make them LOL . Lots of people go to YouTube to laugh, so post something funny! Most viral phenomenons are hilarious videos that people send to one another, so take advantage of the trend.
Controversy. If you don’t use humor, try something controversial. Shock value is another way to gain attention, but don’t get too crazy if you want a good reputation!
Show, don’t tell. Video and audio allow you to better convey a story to the viewer. Use this medium to really show the viewer your message!
Keep it simple. Its easy to get caught up in the art and get bogged down in details. People check out YouTube when they’re bored and/or looking for quick entertainment. Keep that in mind. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

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