You gotta be a little crazy in 2010


We’re in-store for another interesting year.  I always enjoy interesting however as it keeps me on my toes.  If marketing and entrepreneurship were that easy then everyone would be doing it!
Here’s what I mean when I say crazy:
#1 First off, read my other blog post on some general trends and more specific to online marketing for 2010
#2 Free is the new model.  Anything can be found online for next to nothing.  Embrace this.
#3 If your selling content — virtual is the new fad.  People don’t want clunky CD’s, magazines and DVD’s all over the place.  They want to be able to stream your content, throw it on an ipod, or listen to it in the car.  Regardless, it’s not enough to give just one method of consumption.  Appeal to all the various groups.
#4  Guerrilla Marketing will be essential.  With marketing budgets droping, spending more time, energy and brain power will serve you better
#5 Change the channel.  There is a great book out called “Changing the Channel”   in this book MaryEllen Tribby talks about how having just one Channel (I refer to them as streams) is the kiss of death.  Direct mail, radio even TV can be very effective in generating leads and business
#6 Harvesting your current clients will become 10X more important.  Customer loyalty is nothing.  Having customer evangelists is another story!
#7 The FTC will be watching watch you say — enough said on all this drama.  Use testimonials the right way.
#8 The law of attraction will become mainstream.  Now more then ever we need to focus on what we want.  Visualize my friends!
New houses tend to settle and shift a bit; (mine settled like crazy with over 180 nail pops, thank you Ryan Homes) this will be transparent in the marketplace as well.  Consumers and businesses, will be shifty and rather fickle.    Your objective is to educate the heck out of them (remember education based marketing) and show them why YOUR the expert.
To making 2010 your best year ever!
Michael Tasner

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