Tips for Car Dealers to Improve The Car Buying Experience

tips for car dealers

I tend to purchase new vehicles often. Since I’m not a fan of hate mail, I won’t mention the cars I tend to buy (foreign). I’ve had a different experience at pretty much every place I’ve purchased a car from, some good, some bad.  Surprisingly I’ve never had a wonderful experience that makes me want to tell the entire world.  As a marketer my brain never turns off.  I’m constantly thinking how can they improve their business, create a better experience and add to their bottom line.  It’s a habit I can’t help it.
Since I’m at car dealers at least a few times I year I wanted to give you some ideas to help improve the buying experience:
Here are six boiled down tips for you:

  • A random gift after the purchase has been made is a great little treat. I personally liked getting cookies at my office.  What this also did was show the other workers that I purchased a car from this particular dealer as everyone asked — where are the cookies from?
  • Fill up the car with gas — I just bought a vehicle and they had the tank half full — come on now!  I actually called the next day as I was appalled
  • Be realistic on how long the process will take.  Don’t tell me we can wrap up the deal in 30 minutes when you know it will take 2 hours
  • Spend 30 minutes going over EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING about the vehicle after purchase.    Remember after the sale is more important than before
  • Free car washes for life is an amazing incentive, free oil changes for life is even better!
  • Get me into some type of club that offers incentives for coming to YOUR dealership again, and again and again.  Check out this for an example:

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