How to NOT use a coupon in your marketing


I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a coupon clipper.  Yes I know I’m offending like 50% of the population especially those people that claim to spend $10 a week on food that retails for hundreds.   I simply have better things to do (that I personally consider better) like spending time with my kids, reading a good magazine and so on.
However I will admit I do use a coupon from time to time — for free things.  For example, a free appetizer at Texas Roadhouse, a free $25 giftcard with the purchase of $100 in merchandise and things like that.
Here are four ways to NOT use coupons:

  • Don’t send the same coupon month after month.  For example, Bed Bath and Beyond sends me 2-4 20% off coupons a month.  I won’t shop there unless I have a damn coupon now as I expect the discount.  I actually prefer the places that have a policy of NEVER sending coupons as they believe they have superior products and service that don’t warrant discounting.
  • Don’t put expiration dates.  You mean I can only use this on the first full moon on a leap year?  If I walk into a store with a coupon, I better be able to use it regardless of date.
  • Inability to be tracked.  You need to know where I got the coupon from to see if the marketing method is effective.
  • A coupon that could COST you money.  For example I recently got a coupon for $10 in free goods.  What if I only want a pack of gum?  Will you pay me the other $9.75 for the balance?  Always use fine print!  🙂

There are some businesses that rock out coupons, I simply urge you to make sure your business uses them in the right ways (or not at all)
Happy discounting!

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