How to Always have Spikes In Business – Tv Sales Superbowl Example

By nojokedev | Sales Strategy

Feb 08

During the week prior to the Superbowl, most businesses that sell TV’s experience a large increase in sales.  Why is this?  Simple, the demand rises.  First, how are you capitalizing on this increase in demand?  Are you running specials to lure people into your store versus the others?   Get creative in your marketing, lowest price does not always rule the day.

More importantly, why can’t you have increases in sales all year long?   Many businesses rely on certain times of the year to make their entire year.   If I was in that type of business I would be nervous, very nervous.

Here are four ideas to get more spikes in business throughout the year:

  • Customer Appreciation Month.  Host specials each day of the month
  • Pre-Orders.  Wouldn’t it be great it people pre-ordered your product or service throughout the year?
  • Amazing customer service.   It’s 10X easier to sell to your current customers, treat them well and they will be much more likely to frequent your business
  • Postcard Marketing.   Consumers (and businesses) still love (and respond to)  postcard marketing.

Don’t rely on a few days to make your sales quota for the year, generate some more consistent revenue throughout the year by getting creative and providing amazing service!

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Marty Thomas February 18, 2010

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