3 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

As Chief Marketing Officer for Guerrilla Marketing International, I am constantly learning new marketing tactics and strategies. There is always something new to discover and share with you. I love to teach others these guerrilla marketing tactics because I know that they can bring people more profits! I know that these strategies work 100% of the time when deployed correctly, and that is exciting to share! Today I want to highlight a few guerrilla marketing strategies with you. I hope that you’ll also take the time to check out Guerrilla Marketing Training. I’m hosting a no cost webinar on Thursday, February 24th, and I hope you join me! Click this link to register and to learn more:

Here are 3 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons you can use right now:

  • A sense of urgency. Customers want a pleasant experience, and often times that means a quick and painless experience. Show the customer that you care and want them to be satisfied by showing a genuine sense of urgency when it comes to their service.
  • Case Studies. Demonstrate the amazing job that you do as a company by showing prospects and potential customers examples of your work!
  • Flexibility. Sometimes certain situations and circumstances make it necessary to be flexible. Customers appreciate this a lot, and it will give you a good reputation if you can help a customer out.
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