Monthly Archives: February 2010

Lumpy Mail – A Great Way to Attract Direct Mail Attention – Send a Ball

I will admit, I never use to a fan of direct mail – at least not the typical kind: a simple letter.  However, I’m a major fan of lumpy mail or direct mail that stands out and gets someone to… Read More

How to Kill Your Marketing — Stopping it Too Soon

I was on a consulting call the other day when the question came up: Michael, how long do you think it will be before we see results? To my reply: I have simply no idea. This baffles marketers and our… Read More

Always prepare for the un-expected

I was watching the super bowl yesterday and getting some work done at the same time.  One of the commercials caused me to take their desired action: visit their web site. So, seconds after the commercial aired, I visited the… Read More

How to Always have Spikes In Business – Tv Sales Superbowl Example

During the week prior to the Superbowl, most businesses that sell TV’s experience a large increase in sales.  Why is this?  Simple, the demand rises.  First, how are you capitalizing on this increase in demand?  Are you running specials to… Read More

The Small Stuff Goes A long Way

Think for a second about some of these small things: Mints after dinner A hot towel on an airplane Mimosa with breakfast Turn-down service at the hotel A christmas card thanking you for your business The bottom line is:  we… Read More

Victoria Secrets — A Clever Marketing Program – Guerilla Marketing Idea

Ok yes, I’ll admit it, I was checking out a Victoria Secrets offer.  I actually LOVE getting “spam”  bulk mail.  There normally are some very headlines and copy to learn from. One of the recent offers I received (well my… Read More