5 Secrets to the Sales Follow up

By nojokedev | Keys to Success

Jun 07

Following up is one of the best ways to establish a positive relationship with your client/customer, or potential client/customer. It shows that you care, and you genuinely share in their desire to succeed. It shows your investment in them. Basically, it’s never a bad idea! Here are some tips and ideas for a great follow up.

  • 24 hour response. This shows your interest and excitement!
  • Send a fun gift. This one can make an extra impact if you personalize it the person (if they mentioned they loved Hawaii, you could send a Hawaiian themed gift basket)
  • Log their information into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, such as salesforce.com. That way you have all their information a click away so you don’t forget anything about them next time they call.
  • Send a ball. Check out www.sendaball.com for a really interesting follow up that people do not forget!
  • Be sincere. Don’t send a generic card that doesn’t include any personalized information. A follow up needs to show your genuine interest in the other person.
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